Verhalen in het Engels

Stacy Olney

“I worked really hard at twisting the Scriptures to make me feel better”

It’s not about gay to straight, it’s about lost to saved – 4:53 min

Jackie Hill Perry

“The thing about feelings is that God created them… primarily so that we would glorify God with them”

“Having heterosexual desires is not a fruit of the Spirit. Self-control is” – 6:14 min

Rosaria Butterfield

“My church was willing to meet me right where I was at”
“My church involved and embraced me, and that was ready powerful”
“I learned that the biggest sin in my life was unbelief, not homosexuality”
“I fell more and more in love with Jesus and with His church” – 5:19 min

Daniel Delgado

“When I experience the love of God, I heard Him speaking to my heart… You were not made to be a homosexual, you were not made to be a woman…” – 28:31 min


Andrew shares how he worked through issues of same-sex attraction in the context of his Christian faith and found intimacy and deep friendship in the church. – 4:46 min

Jeffrey Johnston

Ex-Transgender with Regret:
“… it’s the truth of Gods word that will comfort you and set you free”
13:17 min

Jeanette - Transgender - 2 short videos

 “Als ik 40 jaar later was geboren met dezelfde gevoelens: ‘Ik ben geen jongen maar ik ben zéker geen meisje’, dan…”

Evangelical Alliance UK

Een korte Bijbels-pastorale introductie voor het begrijpen van genderdysfory in een veranderende cultuur.